ARCOmadrid 2023

On Friday, February 24 at ARCOmadrid, and in the presence of its director Maribel López, the VI Catalina D’Anglade Art Award ceremony took place, one of the most innovative projects in the field of art and design, by uniting both disciplines.
Ester Partegás (La Garriga, Barcelona, ​​1972) has been the winner of this new edition with Hinge (Baskets), a 190 x 55 x 120 cm piece that falls within the line of action that encompasses most of her work. more recent, where the abstraction of forms finds its allies in an intense chromatic study and a deliberate superimposition of layers, making the cerebral come together with the intimate and the visceral.

Hinge (Baskets), 2023 Cardboard, fast maché, plywood, fabric, glue, acrylic paint, sealer. 190 x 55 x 120 cm

This sculpture recreates large-scale domestic plastic baskets. On the one hand, they appear as sensual and imaginative constructions for the body to hide, curl up or rest on; on the other, half broken and partially repaired, they stand as architectural hybrids worthy of apocalyptic times. Betraying their promise of organization and order, and by extension, our intimate notions of safety and security, they embody future ruins. The works want to consider the unsustainable nature of our material culture and habits and their implications for living, while assuming that care implies repair, security implies precariousness, construction heralds destruction, and waste value.