Fernanda Fragateiro is a versatile artist who seeks for materials, objects and spaces, transforming them, bringing them to life and revealing their forgotten history. ⠀

This is the reason why Catalina D’Anglade awarded this Portuguese artist during ARCOmadrid 2017, after which both creators together bring their ideas on new design objects.

Fragateiro’s projects are known because of her keen interest in re-thinking and probing modernist practices. Her practice involves an archaeology into modernism’s social, political and aesthetic history through ongoing research with archival matter, materials and objects.

Operating in the three-dimensional field and defying the tension between sculpture and architecture, Fragateiro’s works potentiate the relationships with each place, summing the spectator into a performative situation. Her sculptural and architectural interventions in unexpected spaces and subtle alterations of existing landscapes reveal buried stories of construction and transformation.

Research spirit ended on an act of creation.

In her own words: “Ideas are material. Ideas are like bricks. This is what I think when I use someone else’s ideas. I build with them a new thing. You look at a building and see how it is built: what is the volume, the texture, the colors, what materials have been used in the construction. But there are also many things that are not visible. I work with those other things, with what is not immediately seen in the ideas of another person.”