About the Award

In 2017 Catalina D’Anglade Art established the Catalina D’Anglade ARCOmadrid Award, with a view to attracting and collaborating with artists who felt the urge to conceive their art outside of their usual creative settings, and to harness their creativity in design related fields, and integrate it into everyday life.

The award consists of two stages. In the first stage, the award is given and the winning piece is acquired; and in the second, the artist brings to life an unpublished project where art and design share the same space.

In 2017, the first Catalina D’Anglade ARCOmadrid Award was granted to the designer Fernanda Fragateiro who used it to come up with a new design object brought to life in a stunning stainless steel bookcase.

The second Catalina D’Anglade ARCOmadrid Award was in 2018 and was granted to Secundino Hernández, with the creation of a set of 24 wonderful exclusive lamps.

In 2019, Luis Gordillo was granted the third Catalina D’Anglade ARCOmadrid Award. His proposal was a set of 12 exclusive tiles based on his unpublished drawings.

In 2020, the fourth Catalina D’Anglade ARCOmadrid Award was granted to Daniel Steegmann and his proposal will be revealed throughout 2021.